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Elegant Pumpkins Bundle (includes HOOPshape)

Elegant Pumpkins are two beautiful pumpkins, and an Acorn that can stay out for your fall décor from September all the way through Thanksgiving.

The Ombre Pumpkin has delicate leaf quilting. Use thread choices to give the pumpkin an Ombre effect. The Feather Pumpkin has stately feather quilting on each pumpkin section.

The Acorn has simply elegant straight line quilting, the Acorn “Hat” is adorned with cross hatch quilting.

All three have stems made from Cinnamon sticks; they are adorned with either pumpkin or oak leaves.

Minimum file size for Large Pumpkin 6.84" x 10.86"

Minimum file size for Small Pumpkin 4" x 6.35"