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Scorch Pro Marker

  • DIY WOODBURNING PEN: This felt-tip craft pen is designed to help you make stunning woodburning crafts. The marker contains a heat-activated, non-toxic chemical compound. This compound allows you to draw on a surface, apply heat, and instantly see your design burn into the wood. With Scorch Marker, burning designs has never been easier.
  • WOODBURNING MADE EASY: Where traditional woodburning can have a huge learning curve, Scorch Marker lets your creativity run wild in minutes. Simply press the marker down on a paper towel, let the formula run into the tip, and you’re ready to draw. The wood will turn red so you can see where you’ve marked.
  • FOR BURNING WOOD AND MORE: You can use Scorch Marker on wood, paper, cardboard, denim, and more! Make a fashion statement by using the pen on a pair of jeans, or design a beautiful cardstock holiday card. You can even use Scorch Marker on gourds and pumpkins. With this craft pen, your only limit is your imagination.
  • USE STENCILS OR FREEHAND: You can draw freehand with Scorch Marker or use vinyl stencils. We offer dozens of downloadable stencils themed around holidays, gardening, and more. Just peel the stencil from the backing and smooth over the wood. Then, remove the clear transfer paper. You’re ready to draw!
  • MADE IN THE USA: Scorch Marker is a family-owned business that’s shaking up the craft industry. Evan developed Scorch Marker in his own woodshop. Now he and his wife, Sarah, are helping put the power of woodburning in everyone’s hands. They love to see customers’ creativity and projects!