Siser StripFlock
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Siser StripFlock

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Stripflock Green Yard


Stripflock Orange Yard


Stripflock Black Yard


Stripflock Bright Red Yard


Stripflock Gray Yard


Stripflock Lemon Sheet


Stripflock Lemon Yard


Stripflock Pink Sheet


Stripflock Pink Yard


Stripflock Royal Blue Sheet


Stripflock Royal Blue Yard


Stripflock White Yard


The AMAZING new Solaris is here! 

Introducing Solaris: Baby Lock’s new top of the line sewing and embroidery machine.
It features new IQ Visionary™ projector technology that displays both the design and controls
directly on the fabric, letting you see it before you stitch it out.
Come in and see us for a demo!