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Right Angle Rainbow Quilt Pattern

“Learn the Rules Like A Pro So You Can Break Them Like An Artist.”

~ Pablo Picasso

I love that quote! No, I’m not comparing myself to Picasso, I just like his attitude. 

My name is Ann, and I live on a farm in northwest Georgia with my husband. I have two grown children – one with her own family in Tennessee, and one with a fiancé in Montana. We also have a dog and a cat!

This blog is all about my quilty adventures. (

I mostly use it as a way to share pictures of various projects I’m working on or have finished. Sometimes I have something profound to say, but usually not so profound I’m just sharing whatever is in my head at the time – trying to put a little beauty and creativity out into the world! If you are interested, you can follow me on Instagram: @bluebeaglequilts.

Why “Blue Beagle” Quilts? Originally it was in honor of our sweet blue tick beagle, Aggie. She showed up on our door step one afternoon and made herself right at home – she spent many an afternoon under my sewing table or under my long arm quilting machine keeping me company as I worked. But our dear little friend Aggie died in May 2020, so I guess now I’m Blue Beagle Quilts in memory of her. So sad, I sure do miss her!