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Magnetic Wrist Pin Cushion

  • Super Handy Tool - Well-designed magnetic pin cushion to keep your pins and needles close at hand while working. The magnet holds pins firmly, leaving your hands free, and making you work much faster. No more finding, missing or dropping pins 
  • Strong Magnet - This magnetic sewing pincushion has a strong magnetic force to attract and hold lots of head pins and needles, brooches, etc. 
  • Upgrade Magnet Design - Compared to ordinary magnetic wrist pin cushion with magnet under the flat surface, Sew Tech pin cushion’s magnet is on the surface which can attach pins to magnet directly and has much stronger magnetic force to hold pins safely 
  • Premium Elastic Wristband - Sew Tech wristband is made of high-quality silicone. It automatically adjusts to fit your wrist size and stay nicely 
  • Wide Use - Sew Tech magnetic wrist pin holder is useful in holding steel sewing pins, embroidery needles, brooches, hair clips, paper clips, etc. With stylish and exquisite look, it is also an excellent gift to your friends