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Brother Entrepreneur W PR680W

Take your creativity to the next level with the Brother PR680W, which has features that let you focus exclusively on your embroidery. The PR680W is loaded with convenient features, from the easy-to-use interface, bright customizable lighting, and adjustable speed for embroidery, to the on-board tutorials, automatic needle threading, and customizable needle settings. The generous maximum embroidery area of 8″ x 12″ makes this multi-needle machine suitable for a wide variety of fabrics, and four embroidery frames are included in the following sizes: 8″x12″, 5″x7″, 4″x4″ and 1.5″x2″. The PR680W is also equipped with WiFi, allowing you to wireless transfer designs to the machine, monitor the stitch-out on your phone, and (together with PE-Design 11) ink together up to 10 machines without cables.