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This class will introduce piecing and quilting buy machine. Students will learn tips and tricks - from choosing fabrics to piecing to make your quilting journey successful. Everyone should be comfortable with their sewing machine before class starts. The goal of this class is to have you complete a baby or lap size quilt, and have I can do this feeling from the experience, which will encourage you to quilt more. This class will be a total of eight lessons. Beginning January 26 and ending September 15. Handouts will be provided and some homework required to finish your project.

Cost: $ 129.99
ITH Christmas Village Tree Skirt Instant heirloom! Create a beautiful Christmas tree skirt that will be a family favorite for years to come! Customize with fabrics and thread of your choice, arranging the village however you'd like to make a unique project. Join us in creating this beautiful Christmas Tree skirt starting February 16th. We will meet once a month to work on a few sections at a time, and have your skirt completed in plenty of time for 2023 Christmas! There are many hoopings required and backing/binding will be added using a sewing machine. 4 sizes included: 5x7, 6x10, and 8x12 Classes begin February 16th and will go on for 6 months. You are also more than welcome to come to open sew Wednesdays if you need more time/ instruction for your project.

Cost: $ 120.99
Explore the magic of ice dying your beautiful material

Cost: $ 175.00
In this class you will learn how to create your own t-shirt quilt. You will first learn why it's so important to stabilize your t - shirts. You will learn how to cut your t - shirts and the most common size depending on the size of your shirts all while working around the design. Once all your shirts are cut into blocks we will sort and arrange them into quilt designs. This will be over two classes.

Cost: $ 60.00